With about 75,000 units sold, the Fiat Argo is definitely in 2019. The Precision version, exclusively sold with an E.torQ 1.8-liter 139 hp (ethanol) engine, has just been renewed and won the 2019 model. attributes linked to sophistication and comfort, such as the ‘floating’ multimedia center, capable of operating by voice command and compatible with Waze and Google Maps, as well as gain rear parking sensor as standard. The Precision version comprises the Fiat Argo line, which starts with the Argo 1.0, followed by Drive 1.0, Drive 1.3 (five-speed manual and automated transmission), Precision 1.8 manual (five speeds), Precision 1.8 AT6 ( six-speed automatic transmission), Argo 1.8 HGT manual and Argo 1.8 HGT AT6. Its highlights confirm the modernity of the design, design, technological and connectivity solutions, as well as the differentiated internal space. The new Precision 2019 version can even be equipped with a Stile kit that is made up of 16-inch alloy wheels with 195/55 tires, LED headlight design, leather seats and steering wheel depth adjustment. Side side bags can also be added to the optional, as well as the Tech kit, consisting of external mirrors with electric folding and comfort light, air conditioning with digital control, Hi-Resolution TFT instrument frame of 7.0 inches, rain sensor and sensor crepuscular and internal electrochromic rear-view. Another novelty is the Bicolor kit, consisting of a black roof, as well as details of the exterior mirrors, front bumper finish and rear aerofoil. In addition to the renovations that make up the 2019 line, it is worth highlighting that the Precision 1.8 version remains quite competitive, with suggested values ​​of R $ 62,990 (manual) and R $ 66,990 (automatic). Argo Precision is one of the most cost-effective models in the segment, even more so if you take into account the standard technology and safety package, which includes Hill Holder, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control, steering Electric, Air Conditioning, Start & Stop and Central Multimedia. Check out all the versions, main series items and prices of the Argo 2019:

Argo 1.0 – $ 46.490

Engine FireFly 1.0 Flex, 3-cylinder, rear aerofoil, speed limit and scheduled maintenance alerts, air conditioning, folding rear seatbelt, 3 point retractable rear seat belts (side and center), trip computer, central rear headrest, universal hook for child seat attachment (Isofix) and steering wheel with height adjustment.

Argo Drive 1.0 – R $ 49,490

It adds anti-theft alarm, driver’s seat with height adjustment, pocket knife with remote control for opening doors, glass and trunk, timed rear window defroster and wiper and window washer with flashing.

Argo Drive 1.3 – R $ 55,090

It adds FireFly 1.3 Flex engine, 4 cylinder and tire pressure monitoring system.

Argo Drive 1.3 – GSR R $ 61.190

Adds Ambient Lights, armrest for driver, GSR Comfort shifter with knobs, shift shifters behind the wheel, ESC (stability control), Hill Holder (active brake system with electronic control that assists in raising the vehicle on the rise) , autopilot, electric mirrors with tilt down function and integrated arrows, Start & Stop system, TC (traction control) and rear electric windows with one touch and anti-smash.

Argo Precision 1.8 – US $ 39.99

Adds E.torQ 1.8 Flex engine, 4-cylinder, split rear seat 60/40, Uconnect 7.0-inch touchscreen multimedia center with Android Auto and Apple Car Play, Bluetooth, USB input and voice recognition system, multifunction steering wheel, fog lights , split rear seat, 15-inch alloy wheels and 185/60 R15 tires.

Argo Precision 1.8 AT6 – R $ 68,190

Adds Ambient Lights and 6-speed automatic transmission.

Argo 1.8 HGT – R $ 67.490

Adds rear aerofoil and rearview mirror cover with exclusive paint in gray, sporty rear exhaust, front lower grille with red trim, rear bumper with unique bottom frame, customizable high-resolution 7.0-inch TFT instrument cluster, 16-inch light alloy, 195/55 R16 tires and suspension with sport calibration.

Argo 1.8 HGT AT6 – R $ 72.990

Adds Ambient Lights, armrest for driver, 6-speed automatic transmission with flaps behind the steering wheel and cruise control.


The Abarth 595 goes back to the iconic urban sports line. The denomination esseesse has already been present in the history of the brand and goes back to its origins. This is a real nod to the Scorpion’s past when the transformation kits to improve the performance of the series production vehicles of the sixties made the fortune of Carlo Abarth. The first time the Abarth 595 esseesse was introduced was around the year 1964. It was prepared with the help of a Solex 34 PBIC carburetor and a special intake manifold. This allowed him to increase his power to 32 hp. Aesthetically it was quickly recognizable thanks to several distinguishing features. In 2009 this formula was repeated with the original ‘esseesse’ transformation kit for the new Abarth 500 introduced in the year 2008. Again a specific image and a regulation of the mechanical and technical part. After a decade the name ‘esseesse’ returns to the Abarth line. The new Abarth 595 elite comes on the scene to captivate the high-performing enthusiast crowd. It will be equipped with the gasoline engine with 180 hp, the most powerful of the line. Among the new features are the Abarth by Akrapovic exhaust system, a high-performance Brembo brake system and a specific ‘by BMC’ air filter. All this is completed with the rear suspension Koni FSD. Aesthetically you will quickly catch your eye thanks to the 17-inch Supersport alloy wheels with a new White Racing finish. It also shows some side strips, external rearview mirror housings, front and rear spoiler in the same white tonality. The new Abarth 595 is ‘certified’ by the specific ‘esseesse’ name on its body and still displaying the ’70th Anniversary’ logo.

As for the standard equipment, we find the Uconnect system browser with 7.0-inch HD touch screen with Abarth Telemetry and compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Nor do they overlook the Sabelt 70 sports seats with carbon rear structure and pedals made of the same material. Regarding the mechanical part, as noted above, the new Abarth 595 esseesse will be propelled by a 1.4-liter 180-hp petrol engine and 250 Nm of maximum torque, arising coupled to a five-speed manual transmission and a traction system forward. Thanks to this mechanics will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 7 seconds and exceed 200 km / h of maximum speed. The 2019 Geneva Motor Show will be the first event where the Abarth 595 will be present. It is one of the news that Abarth has prepared for this important European automobile event.


The Italian brand is present at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 with a revolutionary model, but for the time being it comes in the form of a conceptual work. It is the Fiat Centoventi Concept, a car that just as its name implies, can be customized with a total of up to 120 different possibilities, but that go a step beyond the simple choice of colors and trims. Fiat proposes a revolution in customization, as Centoventi offers a number of options that completely change its appearance, a kind of basic car on which users can create a unique design features. It is an urban vehicle with a length of 3,680 mm, which has a modular construction system that facilitates the assembly of various elements that allow you to change your physiognomy only by removing and placing certain parts of the body and the interior. The user can do much of this work in a simple way, since most of these elements can be removed and placed very simply, although for some more complex elements, such as the ceiling, they should go to a dealer. The Fiat Centoventi will allow you to choose between 4 types of exterior cladding, 4 different types of roof, including an open-pit shape, as well as 4 types of wheel arches and an equal number of formats for the bumpers, as well as the panel and of the infotainment system. On the other hand, the Italian brand intends that the Fiat Centoventi is the most affordable electric vehicle on the market and although it has not yet provided details on how its mechanics will be formed or what their prices might be, we know that it will have a range of around 100 kilometers in its basic configuration, but if necessary it can be bought or rented batteries of easy installation that will allow to increase its autonomy until the 500 kilometers. With a very simple mechanical configuration and with the promise of an affordable price, this Fiat electric looks like a perfect substitute for the current Fiat Panda and according to the brand itself, the ideal candidate to be used by carsharing companies or destined to the business fleets.

2019 – FIAT 595 ABARTH

Abarth has decided to renew its line 595 and features four new compact, lightweight and agile versions that incorporate the two personalities of the scorpion brand: performance and style. The new models arrive on the European market later this month and prices are not yet available. The 595 produces 145 hp of power and 206 Nm of torque, the track generates 160 hp and 230 Nm, Turismo delivers 165 hp and 230 hp. Nm, and the Competizione develops 180 hp and 250 Nm, which allow an acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds. All versions have manual or robotic transmission of five speeds and rear traction (exception made for the Track) and with the Uconnect 5 infotainment system – which can be associated with a Dab digital radio and a navigation system. Highlight also for the high number of customization options. However, the main novelty is the new Monza Active Record exhaust system as standard on the 595 Competizione and 595 Pista, which comes equipped with an active valve controlled by a Sport button – by pressing the button, the exhaust and engine noise becomes deeper. While the 595 Competizione, for example, was designed to please sports car fans, the 595 Turismo already suggests more style and comfort typical of Italian GTs. Watch the  video .


Sting was the big star of Fiat Argo at the event. It extrapolates the design of the model, bringing even more daring and sportiness. Created as a show car to test the public’s receptivity, its main features are the 17-inch black wheels, exclusive FullLed headlamps, which enhance modernity and identity during the day and night, redesigned and inspired front bumper in trapezes, new rear aerofólio, ceilings and external mirrors in black, in addition to the logo Fiat darkened. Painted in the colors Black and Yellow Indianópolis, it also has frontal grilles with personality and attitude of a true sport and rear bumper with inspiration in direct race cars, with extractor of inferior air and double central exhaust. In the graphic part received stickers with the name ‘Sting’ (which means vespa, in English), with the theme of hives and a special character, a wasp in attack position. The interior was also developed with sport in mind. It has panel with black leather finish with yellow stitching and benches with fabric and textures following the theme of hives.

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